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 A timeline of current events going on at the Boca Chica Site. With minor and major events as best that we can record and report to the community of Space watching people.  Feel free to help add the short Lines and date as accurately as possible.  If you need help or want something added please feel free to ask.

Date Timeline Event(s) Noteworthy additions
  • Raptor SN59 "The Mighty Doge" was delivered to the build site.
  • OLIT#2 construction has started.
  • SN20's aft dome was spotted.
  • SN15 performed a Single-Raptor Static Fire test using fuel from Header Tanks.
  • SN15 performed a Triple-Raptor Static Fire test.
  • SN16's nosecone was stacked.
  • Uknown SN17's section was spotted.
  • The fourth OLIT column was mounted in its place.
  • BN2 thrust dome was sleeved.
  • SN16's nosecone rolled out of the nosecone tent.
  • The third OLIT column was mounted in its place.
  • SN15 underwent an ambient pressure test.
  • The first OLM leg extension was delivered to the launch site,
  • GSE Tank-3 was stacked on 4 ring section.
  • MaxQ testing nosecone was transported to the launch site.
  • LR11350 (Kong) left the launch site.
  • The second OLIT column was mounted in its place.
  • The first OLIT column was mounted in its place.
  • BN2.1 dome was spotted.
  • SN16's thrust section was stacked.
  • GSE Tank-2 was transported to the launch site and mounted on its place at OLS.
  • Raptor SN54 was transported to the launch site (again).
  • Raptor SN54 was fitted on SN15.
  • Raptor SN54 has left the launch site.
  • SN16's top dome was stacked.
  • Raptors 54, 61, and 66 were transported to the launch site.
  • Raptor SN61 was fitted on SN15.
  • GSE Tank-3's top dome was stacked.
  • Raptor SN66 was fitted on SN15.
  • Puck Shucker was removed from the Test Stand A.
  • GSE Tank-3 section was spotted.
  • The first column of OLIT was transported to the launch site.
  • SN15 received additional TPS Tiles.
  • BN1 scrapping has started.
  • Super Heavy dome was sleeved.
Brendan tweet on prototype status.
  • SN16's unknown section was spotted.
  • SN15 underwent a Cryogenic Pressure test.
  • BN1 scrapping has started.
  • GSE Tank-2 was fully stacked.
  • SN15 underwent an ambient pressure test.
  • BN2.1's forward dome was sleeved.
  • GSE Tank-2 was moved to into Mid Bay for final stacking.
  • SN15 was transported to the launch site and placed on Test Stand A.
  • SN20 forward dome was spotted.
  • GSE Tank-1 was placed on its concrete mount at the orbital tank farm.
  • Bluto was moved to the launch site.
  • GSE Tank-1 was transported to the OLS.
Elon tweet about SN11's RUD.
  • Puck Shucker was transported to the launch site and installed on Test Stand A.
  • SN16's nosecone was spotted.
  • OLP's last leg was trimmed.
  • OLP legs trimming started.
  • SN15's nosecone was moved to the High Bay.
  • SN15 has been fully stacked.
  • The first parts of LR11350 arrived at the launch site.
  • SN15's nosecone was fully stacked.
  • SN15's tank section was moved to the High Bay.
  • SN11 performed a high-altitude test flight followed by a RUD seconds after the landing flip started.
  • BN3 (BN2) common dome was
  • SN11 underwent flap testing.
  • SN11's flight attempt was scrubbed because the FAA Inspector was unable to reach Boca Chica.
  • MaxQ nosecone was lifted onto test stand.
  • Fully stacked GSE Tank-1 was moved to the Mid Bay.
  • The second aft flap was installed on the SN15's nosecone.
Weekly Raptor Update from Artzius.
  • SN11 performed a Static Fire test.
Brendan tweet on prototype status.
  • Raptor SN46 was delivered to the launch site and installed on SN11.
  • GSE Tank-1 was fully stacked.
  • SN15's nosecone got its forward flap.
  • One of SN11's Raptor engines was removed.
  • Bluto was disconnected from the BN1.
  • Bridge crane was installed in the High Bay.
  • SN15's nosecone rolled out of Tent 3.
  • FTS has been installed on SN11.
  • SN11 underwent a nominal Static Fire test.
  • MaxQ testing nosecone has been fully stacked.
Brendan tweet on prototype status.
  • SN11 underwent flap testing.
  • GSE Tank-1 was moved out of the Mid Bay.
  • Bluto's hook was lowered through the hole on the top of the High Bay for BN1 stacking.
  • BN1 was fully stacked.
  • High Bay bridge crane arrived at the build site.
  • Bluto has risen.
  • SN10 investigation came to an end.
  • MaxQ test stand construction has started.
  • A trailer full of Starship legs left the build site.
Michael Baylor tweet on SpaceX Starship launch license actualization.

Official SpaceX SN10's flight recap.

  • SN7.2 moved to the build site.
  • Bluto moved to the build site.
  • SN11's flight was approved by FAA.
  • SN11 performed a Static Fire that has been aborted milliseconds after ignition.
Weekly Raptor Update from Artzius.
  • BN1 stacking has started.
  • Tent 3 expansion has started.
  • OLIT construction has started.
Brendan tweet on prototype status.
  • SN11 underwent a cryogenic pressure test.
  • Two small propellant tanks were delivered to the OLS.
  • Raptor SN59 was delivered to the build site.
  • SN11 underwent a ambient pressure test.
Elon tweet about SN10 flight.
  • SN20's leg skirt section was spotted.
  • SN11 was transported to the launch site and placed onto Pad B.
  • BN1's 2 ring aft dome was placed onto a heavy-duty stand.
  • SN11 was being prepared to be transported to the launch site.
  • Raptor SN58 "Much land where box?" was delivered to the build site.
Elon tweet about SN10's flight.
  • New Puck Shucker parts were delivered to the build site.
  • SN15's tank section has been stacked.
  • Phobos renovation has started.
Brendan tweet on prototype status.
  • SN15's aft skirt was moved to the Mid Bay.
  • Bluto has been moved to the launch site.
  • First SN10's flight attempt was aborted due to a slightly conservative high thrust limit. The next attempt was scheduled 2hrs after.
  • SN10 performed a successful high-altitude test flight. The prototype experienced a post-landing RUD due to a methane tank leak.
  • SN10's flight was approved by the FAA.
Yusaku Maezawa's tweet on DearMoon update, revealing new Crewed

Starship design

  • SN10's flight attempt was scrubbed.
  • Aft section of SN5 was moved to the scrap yard.
  • FTS was installed on SN10.
  • Raptor SN47 "Wen hop? Much wow" was delivered to the build site.
  • Concrete near Tent 3 has started being removed for a tent extension.
  • SN10's upper flaps were tested.
  • Raptor "Under Doge" was delivered to the build site. Raptor SN56 was loaded onto the trailer to be returned.
  • Raptor SN51 was delivered to the launch site and installed in SN10.
  • SN10 completed its Static Fire test at 4:47pm local.
  • One of SN10's Raptor engines was removed.
  • Elon tweet: One converted rig launch platform may be operational this year.
  • Raptor SN52 "The Kraken" was delivered. Raptor SN43 was loaded onto the trailer to be returned.
  • A second BN1 methane tank quad section was moved into the High Bay.
  • SN17's aft dome was sleeved. It was replaced with what is likely a GSE tank dome.
  • SN5 deconstruction is largely complete.
  • SN10 completed a static fire ahead of its test flight.
  • A 5-ring stack was removed from the High Bay and moved to the scrapyard, with sections along the upper weld line cut out.
    This is likely a test article for the repositioned Super Heavy welding setup. The top ring was a RT reject on the vertical weld.
  • SN12's common dome section was moved to the scrapyard.
  • Some new nosecone panel sections were delivered.
  • A static fire attempt for SN10 was aborted.
  • The remaining area of the Landing Pad was filled with concrete.
  • SN15's nosecone barrel was moved next to the Low Bay ready for receiving its nosecone.
  • A new thrust puck was delivered, probably for SN19.
  • The nosecone with the missing tip was moved out of Tent 3. It remains unclear whether this is intended for SN15 or not.
  • Heatshield tiles were spotted being added to a large area of insulating cloth on a Starship section in Tent 1
  • BN1's Common Dome section was moved into the High Bay, and was stacked on top of the Quad stack moved in the previous day.
  • The forward dome was removed from the sleeving stand, and replaced with a Starship aft dome (for SN17).
  • GSE 1 Fuel Aft Dome sleeve was spotted, seeming to be for the Orbital tank farm.
  • SN18 Common Dome sleeve was spotted.
  • SN19 Methane header tank was spotted.
  • The first BN1 methane tank sections were moved into the High Bay, with the first being Aft Booster Quad 2.
  • A forward dome was placed on the sleeving stand.
  • SN18's nose barrel section was spotted.
  • Some unusual steelwork was delivered, again theorised to be part of Super Heavy's upper section.
  • SN18's methane header tank was positively identified on site.
  • A transport stand was moved towards the Mid Bay, ready for stacking of SN15's aft section.
  • Little work evident due to the cold temperatures.
  • Severe cold temperatures cause blackouts across Texas.
  • A second fling is ready to be installed on SN11.
  • Part of a Super Heavy grid fin arrived at the build site.
  • A new white crane arrived for continued work on the High Bay.
  • Raptor SN27 was delivered, missing all of its ancillary piping and evidently damaged.
  • Work continued on the Orbital Launch Mount, with half of the ten steel sections received.
  • Landing pad reinforcement continued.
  • Some unusual steel sections were received, thought to be for the top end of Super Heavy.
  • SN11 received its left fling.
  • Some new heavy steelwork was delivered, that is thought to be for the Orbital Launch Mount.
  • SN16's aft dome section was stacked on the leg skirt.
  • BN1's aft dome was removed from the sleeving stand.
  • SN16's aft dome was flipped.
  • SN17's common dome appeared to have been flipped and moved inside the tents.
  • Forms and rebar were set up for a new concrete layer on top of the landing pad.
    The section repaired after SN8's flight was also removed again.
  • The large concrete pad in front of the OLP bunker was poured.
  • Roof beams were installed in the OLP Bunker
  • SN10 underwent cryogenic testing.
  • BN1's thrust dome was sleeved.
  • SN11's nosecone was lifted onto the tank section.
  • Three vertical steel beams were placed in front of the OLP Bunker, apparently to support an extended roof.
  • BN1's thrust dome was placed on the sleeving stand. The two-ring sleeve has been flipped and is next to it.
  • Raptor SN39 and another unknown Raptor were fitted to SN10. SN39 had previously been fitted to SN8.
  • A number of GSE valve skids were lifted into the OLP Bunker. These appear to be for the main propellant supply lines to the OLP.
  • SN17's forward dome was sleeved.
  • SN7.2 appeared to undergo radiography on the leaking weldline.
  • A BN1 two-ring stack was spotted. This appears to be the aft dome sleeve, and appears to have reinforcing for the outer Raptor mounts.
  • SN11 was moved to the High Bay. A large area of 319 heat shield tiles was on the windward side.
  • The nosecone missing its tip in Tent 3 gained the flamp mounting jig.
  • A pair of triple heat exchangers were delivered to the Launch Site, and placed in the OLP bunker area.
  • Scaffolding was fitted to SN7.2 to repair the leaks.
  • Raptor SN50 was fitted to SN10.
  • SN7.2 was cryo tested. Two leaks occurred at the ring weld that joined the two dome sections together.
  • SN5 deconstruction continued with the removal of the top dome section.
  • SN18's forward dome was spotted on a dome trolley.
  • Some new Fagioli stands were delivered. Purpose is currently unknown.
  • Elon tweets regarding Starship landing flip burn:
    SN10 will light all three Raptors until status is proven.
  • BN1's LOX stack was moved to the back right corner of High Bay.This should make way for stacking of the CH4 tank.
  • SN16's Leg Skirt was spotted.
  • A forward dome was placed on the Sleeving Stand. This should be for SN17.
  • SN5's Mass Simulator and Tesla Battery pack were removed.
  • SN15's top dome section was stacked in Mid Bay.
  • A thrust dome was sleeved, which should be for SN16.
  • SN9 10km test flight. Failure of one Raptor to reignite for landing caused a RUD.
  • SN16's nosecone barrel was spotted.
  • BN1's common dome was flipped.
  • A Raptor was moved to near SN10 at the Launch Site.
  • Drilling commenced for piles near the OLM.
  • BN1's common dome was moved outside ready to be flipped.
  • Bluto was loaded on SPMTs ready to be moved away from the Launch Site.
  • BN1's thrust dome was moved outside.
  • SN11's nosecone was stacked on its barrel overnight. Some heatshield tiles were visible on the left flamp.
  • SN10 was rolled out to the Launch Site and placed on Test Stand 1.
  • SN9 attempted a hop. It was aborted due to a lack of FAA authorisation.
  • A pair of forced-draft heat exchangers were delivered to Sanchez for the gas liquefaction plant.
  • BN1 continued to grow with the 16-ring stack being stacked above the two-ring piece.
    This completes the LOX tank section, except for the common dome.
  • SN7.2 initial pressure test completed successfully.
  • Bluto was moved to the launch site.
  • SN15's thrust dome was stacked on its leg skirt.
  • A two-ring BN1 stack was moved into the High Bay, lablled "FWD BOOSTER"
  • The 12-ring BN1 stack was stacked on top of the 4-ring stack to create a 16-ring section with top dome.
    This is now only possible to be the LOX tank.
  • BN1's thrust dome was spotted, with fittings for 4 Raptors on the central thrust ring.
  • A spare Starship thrust dome was spotted being used as a pathfinding article for Superheavy's outer 20 engine plumbing.
  • SN11's nosecone barrel was spotted with 11 heatshield tiles affixed of varying sizes.
  • Another four-ring stack of BN1 was moved into the High Bay. This one had formerly been labelled LOX STACK - 2.
  • SN12's thrust dome and skirt were seen in the scrap area.
  • A hexasymmetrical truss structure was assembled.
  • SN12's thrust dome section was deconstructed.
  • The Flight Termination System boxes were installed on SN9 overnight.
  • SN9's sixth Static Fire was conducted.
  • SN11's nosecone has reappeared with both Flamps fitted inside Tent 3. The one missing its tip is still there too.
  • SN10 has received its second (right) Fling.
  • The second SpaceX oil rig, Phobos, arrived in Pascagoula, MS from Galveston, TX.
  • SN9's fifth Static Fire was conducted.
  • SN17's Common Dome was moved onto the sleeving stand.
  • SN7.2 was moved to the launch site.
  • The new thrust dome section, for SN15, was flipped.
  • SN9 testing continued, with multiple aborted static fire attempts.
  • Super Heavy BN2's forward dome was spotted, with a hexagonal structure on top.
  • BN1 continued stacking. The 8-ring Forward Dome stack was lifted onto the other 4-ring stack in the High Bay.
  • A Thrust Puck marked SN18 was spotted.
  • The scrapping of Mk1's nosecone continued
  • BN1's common dome was spotted again
  • SN7.2 gained some reinforcement stringers on its bottom skirt.
  • An oil rig in Brownsville, Deimos, was identified as being owned by SpaceX
  • Jack Beyer tweet on SpaceX-owned oil rig
    for Starship/Super Heavy ASDS operations.
  • SN7.2 test equipment was moved to the launch site.
  • SN9's second Raptor replacement was completed.
  • SN17's common dome and Mid Lox section were spotted.
  • A partial nosecone section was moved to the scrapping area.
  • The distillation tower was completed at Sanchez.
  • Raptor SN44 was removed from SN9. It was replaced with a spare, SN unconfirmed.
  • A two-ring section for BN1 was spotted.
  • A large black structural assembly was delivered, purpose currently unknown.
  • A distillation column was erected at the Sanchez site as part of a gas liquefaction plant.
  • The concrete stand that supported Mk1's nosecone has been demolished.
  • Three successful static fire tests were carried out with SN9
  • A fling was spotted being fitted to SN10 in the High Bay. There is a number of TPS tiles on the leeward surface.
  • The 3mm test tank, SN7.2, was assembled, with a single-ring top dome stacked on the two-ring thrust dome.
  • The last section of SN6 was moved to the scrap area.
  • Another static fire attempt for SN9 was aborted after the siren.
  • The nosecone in Tent 3 is still missing its tip.
  • The two-ring old thrust dome section was flipped.
  • Some maintenance was undertaken on a piece of GSE early in the morning - may be related to SN9's static fire attempt.
  • SN12's Thrust/leg section and Forward Dome sections were spotted. The Forward dome had a "Do Not Scrap" marking.
  • SN6's methane downcomer and common dome were seen in the scrap area.
  • Bluto was moved from the Launch site to the BFC shed.
  • Static Fire Testing was planned for SN9, but aborted due to a range violation.
  • SN6's common dome and Mid-LOX sections were removed.
  • SN17's Methane Header Tank was spotted.
  • SN16's forward dome section was identified.
  • SN6 deconstruction continued with the removal of the Tesla batteries and forward dome section.
  • SN15's common dome section was stacked in the Mid Bay. 3 strips of 7 heat tiles were observed on the windward side.
  • Raptor SN45 was delivered to the build site.
  • A Booster Top Barrel development section was identified.
  • Work was undertaken to widen the access from Highway 4 to the stacking area (Mid and High bays).
  • SN9 static fire testing - static fire at 4:07:20 local time.
  • SN6's mass simulator was removed.
  • SN15 common dome spotted with Methane header tank fitted.
  • Holes were cut into a two-ring 3mm test article along a dome weld line
  • A nosecone in Tent 3 lost its tip.
  • Mk1's Nosecone barrel was disassembled and removed from its stand.
  • SN16's Mid LOX section and SN17's forward dome section were spotted.
  • Another unidentified forward dome was sleeved.
  • An ambient temperature pressure test was conducted on SN9.
  • Some containers were moved from the BFC shed lot to Sanchez for the container wall.
  • New concrete was laid in the landing pad crater.
  • The new design thrust dome, presumed for SN15, was sleeved with three rings.
  • A flamp was removed from SN8's nosecone, and the nosecone itself was crushed by an excavator.
  • SN10's nose cone was stacked on the tank section in the High Bay.
  • Grover headed to the launch site and moved the grey blast-proof building to the end of the fuel farm bunker.
  • The section of landing pad cratered by SN8 has been cut out.

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