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These are most of the events leading up from the ground breaking at the site to events that happen in 2019. As most can be recalled and as accurately as possible Any Additions or revisions. Please ask or add if you know how.  

Date Timeline Event(s) Noteworthy Additions
  • 02:40pm Ring #10 was moved out of the IMCAR machine to the front of the Ring tent
  • 09:00am The 20th Truss on the Onion Castle was beginning to be put up on the near side of the tent but this one is placed only a few feet from 17th.
  • Bulkhead Moved off stand without a top cone While other was receiving a opening.
  • K Rails moved around Launch stand site area
  • 05:52pm The Onion Castle also got a new truss on the front side, its now 17 trusses
  • Continuing building the new smaller tent Tent another rib was built and put up.
  • Quiet night, moving some wind break containers around.
  • Cement trucks coming in at 3am
  • The rolls we can see on the cam in front of The Onion Castle are not steel coils but insulation for the Onion Castle
  • Only 2 trusses on the new tent so far, but the flyover by LabPadre show alot of tent parts lying on the ground waiting to be assembled
  • New Sitemap Uploaded from the Flyover by LabPadre

Overview of Shipyard

  • 10:58pm Rings 8+9 were moved from in front of the Halfway House
  • ​02:20pm New I-beams delivered. (Another Onion tent ?)
  • 10:52am New tent going up on the left side of the Onion Castle Looks like the another Ring tent. Looks however that the opening will be the opposite of the View
  • The work on the underside of the Onion Castle Seems to be insulation, speculation is that is to keep a steady temperature.
  • Could indicate that the 16 trusses are the final size of the tent.
  • The insulation could also act as a sound dampening barrier.
  • Elon Musk tweets that the Mk3 is Now Designated SN1 for Serial Number
  • Ring stand moved to value village and set in place.
  • Quiet day, movement of a container and a delivery of what looks like more tent parts.
  • Work on the underside of the Onion Castle tightening of the tarp amongst other things
  • A bit of work on the stacked rings 8 and 9. Looks like they're having a bit of trouble with the alignment.
  • Tarp has been pulled over all trusses 16 in total.
  • 03:41pm 16th Truss is being installed on Onion Castle on the near side of the camera View
  • 02:00pm 15th Truss is being installed on Onion Castle on the near side of the camera View
  • Tarp is being pulled over the trusses now up to 14 in total.
  • 10:55pm 14th Truss is being installed on Onion Castle on the near side of the camera View
  • 08:52pm 13th Truss is being installed on Onion Castle on the near side of the camera View
  • 04:23pm 12th Truss is being installed on Onion Castle on the near side of the camera View
  • Merry Christmas!
  • Tarp has been pulled over more trusses.
  • 07:40pm 11th Truss is being installed on Onion Castle on the far side of the camera View
  • 03:36pm 10th Truss is being installed on Onion Castle on the far side of the camera View
  • 01:53pm 9th Truss being installed on Onion Castle
  • 09:12am 8th Truss being installed on Onion Castle now placing it on Camera side
  • Tarp has been pulled over all 7 trusses now, creating the roof for the Onion Castle
12-21-2019 Quiet day due to weather
  • Multiple new trusses installed for the Onion Castle
  • First 2 rings Stacked Ring 9 upon Ring 8
First stacking of Rings for Mk3.jpg
  • Crane rigging started again with lifting a tent truss for Onion Castle
  • No activity on IMCAR, speculation that it needs to be checked out
  • Ring 8 moved out of halfway house and Ring 9 moved to the front.
  • Great news that they're still working
  • 2 and a half trusses installed now.
  • Tent seems to be bigger than the old Onion Tent
  • No injuries involved.
  • Square holes Observed cut in ring 9
  • A lot of Site Construction today.
  • Gathering scrap metal (including leg fairings), moving tent parts around, multiple cement/gravel deliveries.
  • Welding into the late night.

Cement trucks continue to roll in early morning hours, work prep going on top of the rearranged containers.

  • Rings 7,8 and 9 were moved.
  • Ring 10 was formed
12-15-2019 Cement trucks lined up, tent sections being moved around the site, containers being welded on and moved. Ring 9 made.
  • Last parts of Mk1's lower half are disassembled.
  • The new Tent structure next to the Ring tent are being taken down again
  • Truck loads of various parts come in(coils, tent structures).
  • Brown Tank with ladder chute completed.
  • Blue Gantry crane seems to be installed into Ironhenge.
12-12-2019 2 more upright tanks painted black at launchsite.
12-11-2019 Brown Tank being weld up at shipyard.
12-08-2019 Go Discovery brings Mk3 structures to Boca Chica
12-02-2019 Mk1 Lower half Disassembly starts
11-24-2019 New Bulkhead work started. New tent structure is being erected next to the Ring Tent
11-22-2019 Top Bulkhead retrieved from Mk1
11-20-2019 RUD of Mk1
11-18-2019 Cryo Testing of Lower part of Mk1
11-11-2019 Wings installed on lower half of Mk1
11-08-2019 Onion Tent dismantled
11-06-2019 Onion Tent started to dismantle
10-30-2019 Lower Half of Mk1 moved to launch site
10-09-2019 IronHenge Finished
10-08-2019 First prototype Ring produced
10-01-2019 Mk1 De-stacked Gantry Crane for IMCAR installed
09-28-2019 SpaceX Elon Presentation
09-27-2019 Mk1 Fully Stacked
08-27-2019 Second and final flight of Starhopper 150 Meter flight and transition
07-25-2019 First Maiden flight of Starhopper 20 Meter hop
07-23-2018 First Propellant tank arrives
08-26-2016 First satellite tracking dish installed.
10-10-2014 Ground breaking ceremony for the new launch site at Boca Chica, TX