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Mk4 Presentation Timeline: Start around Dec '19 with 3 month build time using single-weld rolled rings. May be first human flight ~ end of 2020. Delayed due to Roberts Rd move. And will now be called SN2 based on the Tweet from Elon Musk on December 27th 2019 tweet. Twitter tweeted


Sn2 was redesigned as a  small test tank  After SN1 experienced a  RUD while cryo testing. Tis would be a stripped down bare bones tank to test the Thrust Puck welding attached to the  lower bulkhead with water and then cryo pressure.  Both went well with the Cryo testing lasting 12 hours on March 8th-March 9th 2020 from start to finish. More will come as we see what will become of the tested tank 

old info

Recent tweets and info now suggest that the SN2 will be built at Boca chica rather then in Florida. Its now also to be the first one to be built inside a closed facility. And start sometime in late January, Also incorporating the same techniques as the SN1  using stamped parts and Tip Tig Welds over the previous built models.  as of 12-30-2019
  • Bulkheads and ring sections are being welded together
  • Unknown is the fate of the nose cone that was assumed to be on SN1 which may now be SN2s nose section.