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Is an updated design from the previous 2 built Starships. Started a few days after the RUD of Mark 1 Starship.  Mark 3 has now been redesignated as SN1 because it is a production model, not a prototype.  
Tweeted by Elon Musk  SN1 - 20 With a 2 to 3 month  time frame for flight readiness.


  • 1 bulkhead made and stored in "Ironhenge" Another completed bulkhead may be located there
  • 1 nose cone is sighted inside Ironhenge
  • 8 rings are counted on site, two of which were stacked.
    • 1 of these rings has about a dozen roughly a 12x12 inch sq holes cut into it. Later this double-ring is scrapped.
  • 1 bulkhead and 2 weld stands left over from Mk2 build, were transported by Go Discovery, departing Cocoa, FL Dec 3rd 2019, arriving in Boca Chica Dec 8th 2019, and are placed in the shipyard site
  • Bulkhead cap is made and added to a bulkhead dome.
  • two minimal sized test tanks were assembled out of two bulkheads and two rings to test the pressure limits of their evolving design and pressurized until the weld joints failed. The second design was confirmed to reach 7.5bar, and SN 1 construction begun shortly thereafter.
  • three rings were stacked and welded together on 1. February, 2020
  • Diagram with pictures by Rafael Adamy

Building process According to visual and tweeted reports. SN1 (Serial Number 1)

  • These parts are being made of stamped rather then bump manual made parts.
  • Tip Tig welding rather then flux core. Making the joints with Higher precision, strong joints and a 20% reduced weight. Tip Tig Explained

Flight Timeline

  • 2 to 3 months to be flight ready


  • On February 25th 2020 the whole lower stack tank consisting of 14 rings and a upper and lower tanks with a trust structure attached was moved in the very foggy morning to the launch/test stand. so it was unknown time it left the shipyard when last shadowy glimpse was seen before 8 am
  • At 10:00pm February 28th 2020 The thrust structure along with the main tanks was being tested with a pressure of LN2 into the lower tank When it started to Rupture and had a RUD that caused it to implode and fly up and over onto the ground from its stand.


  • It was tweeted by Elon that the weldings equipment was not set properly through most of the welding process, which might e the major cause of what occured to the fate of SN1's problem.