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Serial Number 16
SN16.jpg SN16 on a display stand
Also CalledSN16, Ship 16
StatusOn a display stand

Serial Number 16, also known as Ship 16, is a Starship prototype that is currently on a display stand and has not flown. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, has said that it might conduct a hypersonic test flight,[1] though as of now there are no signs of this happening, and SN16 is still missing aerocovers for its aft flaps.

The next Starship prototype that will be tested is Ship 20, which is expected to be the first to go orbital.[2]


SN16 Event History
Date Event
29 April 2021 Nosecone stacked onto tank section.
16 June 2021 Mounted to Display Stand at the Build Site.