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This FAQ page will cover most of the general Frequently Asked Questions. If you want to visit the old FAQ page, go here.

For the most frequently used abbreviations, go here.


What time is it in Boca Chica?
Click here

What date is it in Boca Chica?
Click here

What is the weather in Boca Chica?
Click here

Chat & Video

What is all this talk about crows?
Click here for explanation

Why is the cam shaking?
The cameras are mounted on a pole, which shakes a little during strong winds. Yes, the pole is secured with guy-wires.
If you want to talk more about the cam, type: !discord in the chat and Nightbot will give you the link.

Is that an earthquake?
No. Stop talking about earthquakes. It’s probably the cam shaking a little and/or distortion in the air due to the heat.


Where can I find all Nightbot commands?
Click here.

Is Nightbot a real person?

When does Nightbot give you a time-out?
When you use [square brackets] or {braces} in your message.
(Round brackets) are allowed.
The time-out will last 600 seconds (10 minutes).

Can the mods see why I was timed-out?
No, they can not. They can only see Nightbot timed you out.

Can the mods remove my time-out?
No, they can not. This is a YouTube chat setting.

When does Nightbot give you a warning?
When you use ALL CAPS in your message.
Using ALL CAPS is considered like you are shouting and it is rude.

Starship & Super Heavy

For questions about specific StarShip prototypes or the most current test status, please go to their corresponding page.

How many rings does it take to build the Starship?
Starship takes 20 rings to construct the parallel barrel section. See this SS Diagram courtesy of Rafael Adamy.

What are the dimensions of each ring?
One ring is 6 feet (1.83m) high. It has an internal diameter of 9 meters (29.5 feet). The steel is 4mm/0.15inch thick.

What does each ring weight?
Nominal diameter of 9002mm and 4mm thickness: 8.00 kg/m[sup]3[/sup] * π * 9.002 m * 0.004 m * 1.83 m = 1656 kg (3650 lbs).

Can the Starship reach orbit?
A complete Starship (upper stage) cannot achieve Single Stage to Orbit. A heavily stripped down tank section may be able to, but this is not intended to be built.

Where is Superheavy? Is it being built?
SuperHeavy is being constructed and is intended to be tested within the next few months.


When is the Static Fire?
Since there is so much testing going on, it's best to ask this in the chat to get the most up-to-date answer.

When is the 150meter hop?
SN5 completed the 150m hop on 5 Aug 2020.

Is Hoppy venting?
No. Click here.

Why is Hoppy venting?
See the question above.

Did they move Hoppy?
That's impossible since Hoppy is stuck in concrete.

Why are they working on Hoppy / tankfarm?
We don't know. There are several possible reasons, from regular maintenance to something broke.

Are they testing now?
That depends on when ‘now’ is. Ask in the chat.

Are they building another testmount?
Test Stand B is completed. Orbital Pad A is under construction.

What is a photon cannon?
A very bright lamp.

Elon Musk

Is Elon on site?
We don’t know. But we do know, he visits the site regularly.

Is Elon in the chat?
We don’t know. But he has confirmed he watches the channel sometimes.


What is KSP?
Kerbal Space Program.
It’s a game where you can build and fly your own rockets. Click here.