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Please use the ref tags to link to any sources. i.e.

Elon has stated they will not use spiral welding.<ref></ref>

Which will show as:

Elon has stated they will not use spiral welding.[1]

You can also use citation feature in VisualEditor, which is in the pencil icon near top-right of editing area.


I've enabled image uploads which can be used by clicking the "Embedded File" button just right of the italics button, followed up clicking "Upload" in the bottom left.

Right floating thumbnails can be created like so: [[File:filename.png|thumb|Description]]


Sometimes things become out of date. Do not delete this information. Either make a new page for it or create a separate section. For instance when the move from Mk1's patched rings to single weld rings was made, we don't want to lose any information. People may want to go back and see what the old rings were made of, etc. Try to never remove any accurate information, but you may move it to a more appropriate place.


There are a number of Templates installed here to help with organization.[2] Many can easily be added via the Special:Import page. You can export them from Wikipedia's Export Page. Some of them require more plugins. You can message mouser58907 to get them added.

A good example of this is the Infobox used on the Yella Page.