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The latest SpaceX endeavor intended to realize Elon Musk's dream of cheap interplanetary spaceflight and Mars colonization. It is planned be the first big fully reusable private passenger and cargo spaceship, to be used either as a sub orbit transport around the Earth or for trips to the ISS, Moon, and Mars missions.

Though still in the prototype phase of development, it will use new technology, and as yet unproven techniques in reentry and landing maneuvers. The design has gone through many changes already such as materials from carbon fiber composites to a full stainless steel body. It is to be launched on a Super Heavy booster to raise it above the dense atmosphere and will be able to refuel in space. During the return to land it will perform what has been termed as the belly flop maneuver through the atmosphere, and just before it lands it reorient to an upright position, landing upright. Rapid turnaround with Starship attachment to a Super Heavy booster stage will allow another launch in a short time frame.



  • 9 m/30 ft


  • 50 m/160 ft


  • 1200 t/2.4 Mlb


  • 100+ t/220+ klb


  • 3 sea-level bell / 3 Vacuum bell total of 6


  • 6 legs


To date:
  • Starting with Mark3 They will now be given the designation of SN (Serial Number)
  • All Starship Production has been moved currently to Boca Chica, TX
Past Info:
  • All odd numbered ships will be assembled at the Boca Chica Site
  • All even numbered ships at the Florida site


Vehicle name Build site Maximum altitude Type No. of Flights Status Additional notes
Starhopper a.k.a "Hoppy" Boca Chica, TX 150 m (490 ft) Developmental Testing Article 3 Retired First use of a full flow staged-combustion engine
Mk1 Boca Chica, TX NA Experimental sub-orbital 0 RUD Pressure Test failure, Was to perform a flight with 20 km maximum altitude and belly flop return landing
Mk2 Cocoa, FL NA Experimental Sub-orbital NA Construction halted As of right now no word on what is to become of it
SN1 Boca Chica, TX NA Static Test NA RUD work was started soon after Mk1's RUD Made to Tank testing phase before a RUD
SN2 Boca Chica, TX NA Small test Tank NA Retired Was turned into small test tank to validate the Thrust Puck And passed
SN3 Boca Chica, TX NA Experimental sub-orbital NA RUD Lost due to a misconfiguration in testing cryo
SN4 Boca Chica, TX NA Static fire NA Testing Has passed cryo testing and passed static fire with 1 Raptor
SN5 Boca Chica, TX NA Unknown Yet NA Under Construction Building has started Will be the first to have a nose cone
SN6 Boca Chica, TX NA Unknown Yet NA Under Construction Being built