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StarHopper a.k.a "Hoppy"

The first Prototype SpaceX used as a preliminary test bed for some of the systems for Future Starship models.


  • Hoppy
  • Flying Trashcan
  • Flying Water tower


  • On 3 April 2019, the first static test fire was conducted using 1 Raptor engine, while tethered.
  • A second tethered test followed on 5 April.
  • In June 2019, a one year experimental permit was issued to fly Starhopper including pre-flight and post-flight ground operations by the FAA.
  • On July 25th 2019 The maiden Flight for Starhopper, which included the first in-flight test of a full-flow staged combustion rocket engine. The height reached was 18 meters( 59 feet) and the flight lasted 22 seconds
  • On August 27th 2019, the second and final test of the Starhopper carried it to the height of 150 meters (490 feet) with a transition sideways and back down to different pad from where it started.
  • Starhopper was retired, striped of its engine and other parts, and moved next to the fence near the entrance to the launch site area where it sits today.