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Terminology that has been used mostly in chat on LabPadres youtube channel. But some are also used elsewhere in other chats.

caasper : Caaspers are the invisible 👻 workers inside the rocket.

We want to see a 20km test, so we hope they're not very friendly because they need to work... no spooky moaning allowed! 

eat crow : humiliation by having to admit being wrong

Eating crow is a colloquial idiom, used in some English-speaking countries, that means humiliation by admitting having been proven wrong after taking a strong position. It happens often at Lab Padre where things are not always what they seem but everyone feels the need to speculate 'intelligently'.

EDA : Everyday Astronaut

 Youtuber host Tim Dodd on his channel Everyday Astronaut, has a gift for describing rocket science in layman's terms, as he is himself a layman with avid interest in all things rockets

Grover : a Grove 5150L crane

see the page on cranes for details!

GSE : ground support equipment

Infrastructure supporting the launch site.

IFA : In Flight Abort

the procedure initiated in a situation endangering crew of a capsule during the flight phase of a launch to bring the crew to safety - typically involves a jetison of the crew capsule from the rocket accompanied by a burst of emergency propulsion to bring the capsule safely out of harms way

IFAT : In Flight Abort Test

a test of the in flight abort system, where the abort is intiated intentionally in an uncrewed mission to test the reliability of the IFA system. Often IFA is used to signify IFAT, and currently, IFA often is used to mean Spacex's imminent in flight abort test of crew dragon

Kaarl : any worker on a manlift

Kaarls are the real men in manlifts, not to be confused with Carl Agnew one of our prime contributors, or Raalphs who are Kaarl wannabe's and work on the ground.

M&M : steel mount stands at the launchsite

They have M-shaped structures in their supports, hence the name

Mk : Mark (Number)

Short for Mark with a number after it signifying the established series model for each starship's designation (e.g. Mk1 for Mark 1, the first Starship built). This terminology has been superseded by the SN terminology. Mk1 never flew, but Mk3 (now named SN 1) is intended for flight, hence Elon started numbering in earnest with this starship.

nerdle : A herd of nerds.

The nerdle futily speculates on the machinations of the kaarls, raalphs, & caaspers, and all manner of mysterious happenings at this once and future Starport. We are the nerdle. There is no escape... resistance is futile and you will be assimilated! note: Nerdle IS plural

Nosey : top half of Orby

because it contains the nosecone, get it?

ORC sweat : obscure ring coating

On 11. Nov. Raalphs began coating the rings with an unknown substance. Since rings are produced in Mordor, Juan Ona proposed ORC sweat, an apt name.

Orby : Nickname for Mk1.

Because the nerdle thought this starship prototype was going to orbit, but only the bulkhead ever took flight.

Raalph : workers on the ground

They do their thing on the ground because they're Kaarl wannabes but are afraid of heights 🤢 

​raptoreidolia : raptor mirage

The deceptive combination of low cam resolution and desire conspire to make the nerdle see raptors on site because they want too. Beware the raptor mirage!


Rolo Tower is the lower section of Orby And  SN versions, because it looks like a coin roll or Rolo candy.

RUD: Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly

An event that happens very quickly resulting in something being destroyed without warning (also referred to as 'anomoly', or more to the point: 'an explosion'

SN : the new numbering for Starships.

SN might denote serial number, but nooone knows for sure except for Elon. Maybe it stands for Starship Nerdle?


​Scotties are workers who are putting up the I-beams for the Container Castle Circus. Hey! Raalph! Tell Scottie to beam up Kaarl!


 Short for Vertical Assembly Building where a rocket ship is stacked before being sent to a launch site and also to help protect against Severe weather


​UFO was the double stacked rings with cutouts, which had the UFO test written upon it. Most likely to troll us.

WAI: What About It?

 Youtube channel, with the Host Felix bringing  updates on starship and other space things

Notes: Please try to keep any updates in alphabetical order. Thanks.