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The SPMTs (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter) are used to transport heavy items around, either within the build site or between the build site and launch site. Spacex uses at least 2 different brands.

The Mega-Lift from above
  • Sarens - These are the blue ones. They have 4 6-axle sections.
    • The Mega-Lift - The Mega-Lift is made up of 4 of the 6-axle sections. 2 in front, 2 in back. Each front and back section has a power unit attached. The 2 side halves are connected with steal beams, two tying the two front halves together, two tying the back halves together. The lifting section which sits between the two halves features a lifting point and securing turnbuckle in each corner, and can be split to allow the Mega-Lift to be set up around a Starship.
  • Fagioli - These are the red ones. They have 4 axles per section, and have are often found hauling the heaviest loads as a pair of up to sixteen-axle units.
  • Roll-Lift - These are also blue, but have not been spotted for a while.