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Ship 20
S20 9 21 2021.jpg
Also CalledS20
StatusPreparing for upcoming pre-flight tests
FunctionsOrbital flight demonstration
Height50m (164 ft)

Ship 20, (aka S20) is the first Starship prototype expected to go orbital. The first sections of Ship 20 was spotted back in March. S20 became the first prototype to be stacked on a Superheavy booster. As of now, S20 flight schedule is unknown.

Construction History

All available information is given in the table
Date Event
March 7 2021 Leg skirt spotted
April 7 2021 Forward dome spotted
April 27 2021 Aft Dome spotted
May 21 2021 Common dome spotted
June 11 2021 Thrust dome sleeved
June 13 2021 Fwd dome stacked & thrust section & leg skirt stacked
July 14 2021 Nosecone spotted
July 20 2021 Aft flaps spotted
July 23 2021 Tank section completely stacked
July 26 2021 Nosecone insulation installation begins
July 29 2021 Fwd flaps delivered & aft flap mounting jig installed
July 31 2021 First aerocover of aft flap installed & nosecone installed on barrel
August 2 2021 Flaps installed on nosecone & tank section
August 4 2021 S20 has all 6 engines & nosecone stacked in highbay
August 5 2021 S20 rolled out to launch site
August 6 2021 S20 stacked on bn4, destacked & rolled back to build site
August 13 2021 S20 (re)rolled out to launch site.
August 17 2021 Placed onto pad B
September 9 2021 A sea level (unknown rsn)raptor is installed
September 10 2021 Rvac installed on S20
September 15 2021 A sea level (unknown rsn)raptor is installed
September 19 2021 An was Rvac uninstalled and transported back to build site

Testing History

No testing has been conducted yet.