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Looking to follow SpaceX development closer? Here are some good resources for you to check out.

Podcasts / Vlogs

LabPadre Youtube Channel

Host of the livestream who posts regular clips of exciting activity, weekly updates, and exclusive flyover footage.


The spaceXcentric is a channel dedicated to disseminating the latest SpaceX news and information - with a little bit of flair.

What About it

A Biweekly update covering the latest news surrounding SpaceX, hosted by Felix Schlang who will occasionally pop into Labpadre's chat and say Hi!

Our Ludicrous Future

A weekly podcasts covering Space, EVs, and more. Almost always mentions the latest SpaceX news. (Recommend watching on YouTube for video)

Social Media


Host of our live stream with all 3 amazing cameras. Always live on Youtube and Twitch and posts updates of exciting happenings to his Twitter.

Twitter @labpadre
Twitch labpadre

Maria Pointer aka BocaChicaMaria

Local Boca Chica resident who allows us to host Labpadre's livestream from her property. She regularly posts photos and videos from all angles of the shipyard, and occasional drive by shots of the launchpad.

Facebook SpaceXBocaChica
Twitter @BocachicaMaria1

Austin Barnard

Brownsville resident and space enthusiast who posts great photos to his Twitter.

Twitter @austinbarnard45

Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut (EDA)

Bringing space down to earth for everyday people. Does a great job of explaining space in a way everyone can understand. Co-host of Our Ludicrous Future. Also Elon's BFF on twitter.

Youtube Everyday Astronaut
Twitter @Erdayastronaut
Instagram @everydayastronaut
Facebook @everydayastronaut

Reagan Beck

Lives near MacGregor, TX and tweets about SpaceX engine tests. Recently convince Elon to post more raptor footage from the tripod mount.

Twitter @bluemoondance74

Online Discussions