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Boca Chica site continues to expand, and new hires have happened in several rounds. Here we collect information related to this process (but its not intended to be a job board or resource for applicants!)

History of jobs at Boca Chica

  • SpaceX are holding a Starship career day on February 6, 2020 at the Stargate building. According to Elon "This is mainly for staffing up 4 production shifts for 24/7 operations, but engineers, supervisors & support personnel are certainly needed too. A super hardcore work ethic, talent for building things, common sense & trustworthiness are required, the rest we can train."[1]

Top 10 things not to say at a job interview in Boca Chica (tongue in cheek!)

10. I'm afraid of heights.
9. I don't believe the earth is fat.
8. I can only work like 20 hours a week...
7. What's a rocket?
6. I supervised Hubble Testing ... and I'm myopic.
5. What's Mars?
4. I know a lot of great crow recipes.
3. I was in charge of keeping sls on schedule
2. and on budget.
1.Recently I've been doubting my vibe.