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Frequently Asked Questions  Often asked or seen in chat. We will try to answer some of them here as things are asked.

What is "Caliche"?

Caliche is a sedimentary rock, a hardened natural cement of calcium carbonate that binds other materials such as gravel, sand, clay, and silt. Click here for more info

What will happen to SN2? Why can't they fly it?or static fire?

 The tank was made with only 1 upper and 1 lower bulkhead  which was in turn used to test the fabrication welding of the Thrust puck to the tank for a cyro test for stress under pressure. which was the failure point of SN1. It is to small and does not have the necessary compartments to hold the 2 liquids for a test fire.  At this  point in time we do not know what will happen to the tested tank,  Seculations range from  decommissioned and scraped to being cut apart and used again with the  proper compartments.  

WHo comes up with the SN designations?

 We go mostly by what Elon Musk calls them on his Twitter feed.

How many Bars(pressure) did the SN2 tank reach? was it successful?

As far as the pressure all that was stated by Elon Musk was this on Twitter SN2 Cryo Test.

Whats the Orange hose I am seeing?

This is used for either drawing in fresh air or removing welding fumes from confined areas and is needed to help insure that no one suffocates and to help make sure the air inside doesn't become toxic. 

How many rings does it take to build the Starship?

At this Moment the closest answer Will be about 20 to 21 rings  but here is a assumed configuration of the Stacked rings with the red Lines showing the Mk1 bulkheads for comparison SS Diagram courtesy of Rafael Adamy

How many rings have been made so far?

We have lost track of the ring count after the first 17 were made.because of them being moved around the site, some being cut up or bent, while others were test. 

What does each ring weight?

Equation: density of steel (π (((9 m)/2)^2 - ((9 m - 8 mm)/2)^2) 1.8 m) = 1599 kg (kilograms) or 3525.192 pounds

Can the Starship reach orbit?

 Yes it can reach sub orbital, but not to LEO (Low Earth Orbit)

Where is Superheavy? Is it being built?

 At this time We have no idea if Superheavy s being built , or will be built till after Starship test.

Where will the new cams be located for lab Padre?

This info will become available when the current cams at the end of March are taken down.
​The 30ft (9.144m) guyed mast that houses NerdleCam and LabCam. Named "Mt. Kopernik" by our generous benefactor, Jean-Noël castelletto

Are they building Starship any place else? Florida? California?

At this time  Starship is only being built at Boca Chica Texas. Coco, FL is shut down and being slowly cleaned up. They are still working on  the  Starship Launch pad in Florida  but as of yet no word on Roberts Road site. Spacex Has started renegotiations in California for some sort of starhip building at the port, but that is all for now.

What are the overhangs on the side of new tall building?

Best guesses at the moment that they are for structural strengthening. Possibly for a internal crane, or to resist twisting from strong winds. But it is speculation at this time.
=== Past questions===

When will the SN1 fly?

According to Elon Musk it would be in 2 to 3 months, when it was mentioned in December of 2019, at this time it is unsure, but there has been a recent FCC permit issued to go into effect starting on March 16th,2020. This does not mean that its a permit to launch the Starship, But give them the right to start preliminary test.  This does not mean Starship will be ready by then , just a chance to start testing if things are far enough along in the building of SN1. Updated It experienced a RUD while cyro testing  of the tanks when the  Puck gave to the stress.