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A place for  Facts and other video that might be of Interest to you.

SpaceX related

SpaceX - SpaceX main home page
SpaceX Wikipedia - Wikipedia on space launch sites (past, present,future)
Starship Wikizero - Wikizero's page on the Starship
Boca Chica Launch Complex Wikizero - Wikizero's page on the Boca Chica Launch Site
Facebook Boca Chica - Check out pictures on facebook by Maria Pointer

Youtube Videos

Hoppy test - The 150 meter test of Hoppy the 1 that started it all for the Starship
LabPadre Live - Come join Labpadre Live feed at Boca Chica, TX site for daily Starship production.
ISS docking - Watch a short video animation of a Starship docking to the ISS.
IMCAR - Watch this short video of a IMCAR in use bending and welding a single ring seam technology.
Landing a Starship - Watch Elon Explain in the September 2019 presentation of how the rocket will land.
Starship animation - Short Animation of what Starships will look like and do.
Scale Model Rocket - Homemade SpaceX Hopper and Starship model rocket simulation test flight and successful landing. Constructed out of Paint Cans and an American Football
Tip Tig Stainless -a short video on how Tip tig welding is done in stainless steel ( see explaition link below)
[1] ` How stainless steel is made

Fun Space

Masterclass - Want to become a astronaut learn more? Join Chris Hadfield former astronaut in his master class about rockets becoming a astronaut and more.
Discord - Come Chat on Discord with Labpadre server
Patreon - Come be a Patreon of LabPadre
Kerbal Space program - Come have fun building and flying your own Spaceship models learn what it takes to make a successful mission The Kerbs want you.
Kimi Talvitie Shop - Check out this site for pictures and renders to buy from a good artist of Starship renders.
Bigalow Airspace - Bigalow Has been making inflatable modules for awhile. They have info on Mars habs they are designing.
Tip Tig - Tip Tig Explained
Flow Water Jets - Waterjets being used by SpaceX to cut parts