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| 02-10-2020 ||
| 02-10-2020 ||
* 12:45am The tripple stack with the bulkhead was moved unto the new stand behind Nosey.
* 12:45am The tripple stack with the bulkhead was moved unto the new stand behind Nosey.
* 5:17pm Common bulkhead downcomer cone lifted and installed

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 A timeline of current events going on at the Boca Chica Site. With minor and major events as best that we can record and report to the community of Space watching people.  Feel free to help add the short Lines and date as accurately as possible.  If you need help or want something added please feel free to ask.

Date Timeline Event(s) Noteworthy additions
  • 12:45am The tripple stack with the bulkhead was moved unto the new stand behind Nosey.
  • 5:17pm Common bulkhead downcomer cone lifted and installed
  • 10:56pm A new tripple stack was created inside the Onion castle by lifting a double stack upon a single ring.
  • 03:34pm the tripple ring was finally flipped over and we could see a bulkhead inside it.
Watch them flip the first bulkhead for SN1
  • 11:50pm what appears to be a flipping segment is being placed on the tripple stack outside the Onion castle
  • 05:40pm new double stack in being build in the Onion castle
  • 01:32am the Gantry looking thing was craned inside the Onion castle
  • 04:55am First triple stack moved behind Onion castle
  • 01:53am Bulkhead dome being moved over on top of bulkhead jig at back left side of tent.
  • 07:47am The double stack was lifted up on to a ring, creating a new tripple stack
  • 06:38am Cutting up the ring that was placed outside the Onion Castle
  • 05:09am New double stack moved in front of the tripple stack.
  • 03:26am ring moved from left side of the doors Inside the tent to the door way
  • 02:59am Ring by doors removed to front of the tent
  • 02:28am Elon spotted outside of Onion castle doors
  • The triple stacked rings were lifted and placed on a low M&M stand.
  • Lots of gravel removement outside the Onion castle and Concrete trucks pouring.
  • 3 rings created so far today
  • 10:15pm Yet another ring created in the Ring tent
  • 08:11pm A ring was moved off the IMCAR
  • Argon tanker was seen coming to the shipyard.
  • Multiple rings created and moved infront of the Onion Castle 5-6 rings created in the last 24 hours.
  • Bulkhead pieces visible being moved around inside the Onion Castle
  • The 3 stacked rings, slowly rotates, speculations is an automated welding from the inside.
  • A header tank was also spotted inside the Onion Castle
  • The new IronHedge II is getting twice as big, another level can is started on 1 corner so far
  • More of the fabric ends of the Garlic Castle
  • First triple stack inside the Onion Castle moving 2 already stacked rings untop of a new ring.
  • 05:11pm A Raptor! was spotted at the site!
  • 10:39am A ring moved off into the Gate House A1
  • All trusses have gone up on the Garlic Tent. It still remains to pull the rest of the covers on and then the end parts with doors will be added too
  • Iron Henge II is progressing too, now have most of the covers added. Its not know how high this structure will be.
  • 07:41am Yet another ring lifted off the IMCAR machine in the Ring tent
  • 10:37pm Another ring moved out of the Ring tent and moved off to the left, maybe to the Gate House A1
  • Even more work on the new Garlic which is seems to be nearing the end of its creation.
  • 09:49:59pm Sir Egglon II burst on test stand under cryogenic pressure.
  • 09:49:50 Sir Egglon II cryo tested to the max and according to Elon reached 8.5 bar before bursting.
  • Alot of work on the new Garlic which is really taking shape after a standstill
  • 10:51am Another ring lifted off the IMCAR machine in the Ring tent
  • 10:07am Sir Egglon II is being moved to the Launch Pad for testing.
  • 10:33pm Sir Egglon 2 was moved inside the Onion Castle
  • 02:01pm The alignment belt was removed from Sig Egglon 2 (Bulkhead tank).
  • 08:17pm Nose tank tested to the max and ruptured.
  • 02:50pm outer most ring was moved out of the Ring tent and to the left.
  • 10:37am the top bulkhead was placed on the new Sir Egglon II tank.
  • Another IMCAR machine was delivered! Time to pump out rings twice as fast!
  • Alot more trusses put up on the Garlic tent, seems to be 12 now.
  • around 8:00pm testing started on the Nosecone and joined tank. Test seems success alot of venting on the top can be seen.[2]
  • Work started again on Garlic alot of trusses started to go up again, after a long standstill
  • 03:56pm Nosecone moved out of Onion Castle and transported to the launch site. The nosecone had the Round Tank inside of it.
  • 03:15pm Elon spotted on site!
  • 10:35am Bulkhead flipped and put on a stand in front of Onion Castle
  • A ring moved behind the Airgas Trailer.
  • More work on IronHenge 2
  • A new stand was put in of the Onion Castle. The stand was the one Sir Egglon was moved to the Launch Pad with.
  • A second bulkhead was moved into the Onion Castle. With a ring on it!
  • Another ring created on the IMCAR machine inside the Ring Tent. and the ring that was moved off to the left, was moved back to the tent
  • A ring moved off the IMCAR machine to the front of the Ring Tent. Only to be cut up.
  • A ring moved out of the Ring tent and to the left side of it
  • A header tank was also moved into the Onion Castle.
  • 02:01am A nosecone is moved into the Onion Castle.
  • 12:45am Elon sighted in the Onion Castle speculation that he would come back proved ;)
  • 09:49pm the cap of the Bulkhead in Onion Castle lifted into place.
  • A short visit as the Tesla's drive off again. Speculation is to drop of the kids and he will come back.
  • After the successful IFA, Elon comes onsite to watch the progress. 3 white and 1 black Model 3 rolled up and Elon plus his kids stepped out
  • To pay for equipment LabPadre has started a donation setup, please contribute here: https://streamlabs.com/labpadre/tip
  • lots of work continuing on the bulkhead inside the Onion Castle.
  • Another ring was formed in the Ring tent
  • the Copycat Tent has a roof and several of the steel coils were moved into it.
  • The tall new building behind Onion Castle gets alot more structure.
  • lots of work on the bulkhead inside the Onion Castle.
  • The newly Double stacked rings were moved to a new place inside the Value Village
  • 07:43am Nosecone moved to the left of the Ring tent
  • Nosecone was moved to the Onion Castle
  • The Equipment from Go Discovery arrives in Boca, along with several coils of steel and some mystery deliveries.
  • 09:00pm The stacked rings infront of Ring Tent are moved off to the right.
  • Another Tall building going up behind Onion Castle, could be another IronHenge
  • Go Discovery Arrives in Texas with the equipment from Florida.
  • 02:40 stacking a previously built ring on the top of the outer most ring.
  • The Garlic Tent is starting to take shape, the first 2 trusses are being held up by the 2 cranes.
  • Spherical tank thing spottet in the IronHenge, now confirmed by Elon [3] to be a LOX header tank
  • Deconstruction of Sir Egglon/Bobber started
  • Alot of deliveries to the Onion Castle not sure what equipment was delivered.
  • New tent behind the Onion Castle gets more trusses up.
  • More work on the Gantry Crane in the Ring Tent.
  • New Nosecone for SN1 has been spotted in Mary's Video.
  • 10:35am Outer most Ring in the Ring tent was moved to the left of the Ring tent.
  • Another tent starting to go up beside the Stargate building.
  • 04:46pm Ring #16 moved of the IMCAR machine into the middle of the [[Buildings | Ring tent]
  • 03:59pm Ring #15 moved from the middle to the front of the [[Buildings | Ring tent]
  • lots of containers coming in.
  • 02:12pm Ring #14 moved out of Ring tent and to the right..
  • 1 Bulkhead and 2 Bulkhead Jigs have been moved into the Onion Castle which seems to be going live before all ends are fully finished.
  • Continuing to work on the Onion Castle's ends, does seemingly takes some time to put the end wall panels on and stretching it.
  • Alot of work on the Gantry crane inside the Ring Tent.
  • Pictures from Mary shows 2 bulkheads nearing completion (not mated to a ring)
  • Alot of machinery delivered from Ebbco Inc Metal working (was rumour of a water jet cutter)
  • 5:45:30 am Sir Egglon was burst at the top near the bulkhead seam. And was pressure tested with water vs gas.
  • More end wall panels on both ends of Onion Castle, looking like a big "door" will be placed.
  • Ring #15 was created currently sitte on the IMCAR
  • 11:50pm Ring #14 moved from IMCAR to the middle of the ring tent
  • 03:05pm Sir Egglon moved from the right side of the IronHenge to the Launch Pad
  • A lot of work done on Sir Egglon
  • More structure on the Onion Castle at the far side.

Sir Egglon Moved.jpg Bye bye Sir Egglon.jpg Sir Egglon at the Launch Site.jpg

  • 10:52pm Black Rectangles are being welded unto Sir Egglon, seems to be used to multiple places to distribute the load when sitting on a stand.
  • 05:20 pm Sir Egglon standing on its own, as the crane no longer supports the upper half.
  • Road closure moved to the 9th indicating that in indeed will be used to move Sir Egglon to the launch pad.
  • 12:21pm Sir Egglon reassembled again.
  • 10:21am Sir Egglon disassembled again.
  • 05:27pm Ring #14 started to be created on the IMCAR machine
  • 04:57pm Ring #13 moved off IMCAR and to the middle of the tent.
  • 04:49pm Top Bulkhead lifted and placed upon the flipped bulkhead, making Sir Egglon with 2 bulkheads and 2 rings.
  • More vertical riggings installed on the backside and frontside of Onion Castle
  • 02:42am Concrete is being poured for the floor of the Onion Castle #2
  • 02:00am A bulkhead next to the flipped one was moved to a stand
  • 01:55am Ring #12 also moved to the left of the Ring tent
  • 01:00am Ring #11 moved to the left of the Ring tent
  • Cover being placed on New tent this morning
  • Seems to have at least 1 internal stiffening ring just in the middle of the ring attached to the bulkhead.
  • Also being used as scaffolding to walk around the rings.
  • Possible this will have 1 at each ring or so to help stiff and build the starship this is a Speculation.

Ring 10 cut up.jpg

  • Work done on the underside of the Onion Castle roof, looked to be some hookups for new riggings.
  • Also work done on New tent under the "roof".
  • Some work done on the Gantry Crane in the Ring tent.
  • Inner ring seated into second ring/bulkhead assembly between on top of bulkhead and ring section
Kinda slow day on camera so far.
  • 01:34pm The 8th Truss is being installed on the new tent.
  • 01:03pm The 7th Truss is being installed on the new tent.
  • 11:14am The 6th Truss is being installed on the new tent.
  • 10:00am The 5th Truss is being installed on the new tent.
  • Multiple Stands brought into the area near Iron henge
  • Bulkhead 2 Moved to the stand and a ring placed over it to be attached to it
01-03-2020 New I-Beam for second Onion Castle.jpg
  • Ribbing for the Onion Castle also going up on the far side.
  • Front ribbing of the Onion Castle Going up on the near side.
  • More IMCAR items brought in. Along with many drive over ramps for keeping cables safe from damage.
  • Bulkhead with 1 ring attached Moved onto rolling cart by Iron henge.
  • Mk1 Bulkhead and scrap partly hauled away
  • 11:38am A new ring is being made!, this is first one after the IMCAR was damaged. Ring #11
Happy New Year!

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