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Welcome to the LabPadre wiki.

Current Livestream
Editors: Editing Best Practices - Ask Dash/Terkel/Mouser to add you as an Editor

F.A.Qs ~ Questions you might hear asked in YT chat frequently


  • Nerdle Map - look at all those Nerds!
  • Nerdle - About the Nerdle and join the Nerdle Map!

The Elon Section

Timeline events

  • Timeline ~ Daily updates to the work being done on the Shipyard and Launchpad
    • 2019 ~ Events leading up to and through 2019.

Launch & shipyard sites

Spaceship Construction

The Odd Nuts & Bolts

  • Resources - Stay up to date with the latest news!
  • Speculations ~ Speculations & Guesses as to what's happening( not to be taken as 100% certainty that it will happen)
  • Slang ~ Terminology used in chat
  • External Links ~ SpaceX Facebook,Youtube and more
  • Bot commands ~ Commands used for NightBot
  • Jobs at Boca Chica ~ Info related to jobs at Boca Chica site (not a job board!)