SN5 & SN6

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SN5 is the first starship to successfully perform a hop. The first powered 150m flight using a raptor was performed by Starhopper in August 2019. SN5 consists of only the bottom part of a full starship second stage, formed by 14 rings (or barrels) total, with three bulkheads forming methane and LOX tanks, on top of the thrust structure and skirt. The test campaign consisted of several static fires culminating in a 150m hop powered by one off center-mounted raptor on August 4, 2020. To simulate the mass of the missing nosecone a ~20t mass simulator (or boilerplate, affectionally called the 'mass hat' by the nerdle) containing two steel rolls was mounted to the top. SN5 currently stands at the Starship landing pad with preparations underway to move it on a rolllift- destination unknown.


Is currently under construction, and is coming together at the same time as SN5. this being the start of closer to rapid production, that Elon has stated of making 2 per week. This will probably be the first one since Mk1 to incorporate the fins designs we first saw, but might be slightly different then Mk1s.