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Welcome to LabPadre Wiki, where it is always Starship Sunday.
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F.A.Qs Questions you might hear asked in YT chat frequently
Abbreviations For the most frequently used abbreviations in YT chat
Slang Terminology used in chat
Starship For the obvious.
Boca Chica Site
Other Ground Based Equipment
Fire truck
Permits, Licenses and Approvals
Name Status Notes
S24 Active Getting worked on a pad b
S20 Retired On a Display Stand in the rocket garden
SN16 On standby On a Display Stand
SN15 Retired On a Display Stand
SN14 Cancelled Scrapped
SN13 Cancelled Scrapped
SN12 Cancelled Parts used for nosecone test unit
SN11 Destroyed RUD
SN10 Destroyed RUD
SN9 Destroyed RUD
SN8 Destroyed RUD
SN7.2 Retired Leak
SN7.1 Destroyed Pop
SN7 Destroyed Pop
SN6 Retired Scrapped
SN5 Retired Scrapped
SN4 Destroyed RUD
SN3 Destroyed RUD
SN2 (Mk4) Retired Now used as a water tank
SN1 (Mk3) Destroyed RUD
Mk2 Cancelled
Mk1 Destroyed Nosecone was never used
Starhopper Retired At launch facility, instrument stand
Super Heavy
Name Status Notes
B7 Active Under going "robustness upgrades" in wide bay/mega bay
B4 Retired sitting at launch site
BN3 Retired First fully assembled booster to perform cryogenic & static fire tests, scrapped.
BN2.1 Retired Thrust puck test tank
BN2 Canceled Parts used for BN2.1 and BN3
BN1 Retired Pathfinder, scrapped

The Odd Nuts & Bolts

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